About Me:

I am an elementary school librarian who, in my early forties, decided to leave the business suits and pumps of my banking days behind, trading them for teacher clothes and sometimes sensible shoes.

Now, eighteen years into my second career (third if you count SAHM), I work at a K-5 elementary school in central Massachusetts. When not surrounded by a class of children at my feet, I am on my feet—hiking, enjoying nature, baking mini-pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and cheering as a Fenway Faithful for the Boston Red Sox.

Of course the most precious part of my life is my family—two grown children (one of each variety) and my college sweetheart of a husband to whom I’ve been married for 38 years.
~Nancy Riemer Kellner, School Librarian, Marguerite E. Peaslee School, Northborough, MA


3 Comments on “About Me:”

  1. jack marvin says:

    Nancy, Charming and professional. No surprise there. I listened to the kids responding to the two pictures. Fascinating.,,and I like the concept of every voice being heard. Some of the comments reminded me of my kindergarten experience; Miss Woodruff strategy for relating to me was to have my little desk abutting her big desk so that she could reach me with her 12 inch ruler whenever I behaved inappropriately. She packed a mean whallop, frequently. I guessed it worked b/c I became such a well-behaved and quiet adult with a strange fear of rulers.

  2. […] like to continue the focus on children for one more week as, thanks to my friend Nancy over at The “In” Librarian, I’ve been thinking a lot about young OCD sufferers and […]

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