Thirty Minutes

Timer set. Thirty minutes. Go.



As part of my #nerdlution challenge (an intention to make a new healthy habit part of a regular routine), I pledged to write thirty minutes a day for fifty days. As an “out”, my pledge allowed for thirty minutes of pondering or thoughtful reading in lieu of writing, but my intended goal was to write every day. Writing could take the form of notes for my blog, a blog post itself or free-writing in a journal repurposed for the occasion. In addition to writing, my #nerdlution makeover included daily meditation and exercise.

As many fellow nerdlutors have reported, the exercise pledge has turned out to be far easier to uphold than the writing commitment…and I think I know why. To exercise, one only has to put one foot in front of the other. Two legs. Simple. Finite.

Words, on the other hand, are bountiful. Which ones do I choose?  What am I trying to say? How do I phrase it? Do I even have a kernel of an idea with which to start? When the words don’t come I stare at a blank page or computer screen. When the will to exercise wanes, all I must do is find my two feet and set them in motion.

Setting words in motion is not so simple. Riding the stationary bike may be repetitive and boring, but once the pedaling starts, the momentum keeps me at it until I reach my goal. Writing has its own rhythm-creating momentum but, for me at least, it has speed bumps and stumbling blocks that can’t be overcome by pedaling harder.  There are gaps where the proper words haven’t presented themselves yet. Or, the same old same old words show up for some pretty dry reading. Or, worse still, the inner critic voices off. “That’s no good. Scrap it.”

Ding. The timer goes off. Words are on the page. No looking back. Time to publish. I guess I can do this thing–one word in front of the other.


3 Comments on “Thirty Minutes”

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