It’s a nerdlution!

I had already decided to turn over a new leaf a good month early (by starting my 2014 resolutions on December 1st) when I came upon a Twitter conversation on Thanksgiving evening. Several members of the Nerdy Book Club were discussing renewing their commitments to writing and/or exercising daily. A discussion among a few grew to a thread. When the thread earned its own hashtag, I realized they were on to something. I lurked in and among the tweets to see where this thing would take me. It turns out I am not the only one beyond the original group who was intrigued. They say they want a nerdlution and here (and here and here and here) it is.

Nerdlution button

Not wanting to be presumptuous enough to speak for the original tweeters by interpreting their intentions, this will reflect my own text-to-self connection. I had certainly fallen off the exercise bandwagon and writing is not yet a daily activity for me. Self-improvement projects have been started and abandoned with well, with abandon.

I have participated in group challenges but have never been able to commit to the one-size-fits-all focus. After attending a weekend meditation workshop I vowed to meditate for a year. Lasted six months. Facebook’s 30-Day Plank Challenge looked promising. Made it to Day 20. Instead of celebrating my success, (Six months meditating! Doing a 2 ½ minute plank!) I lamented my failure.


But this time is different. Each nerdlution is personal and yet by nature of social media, public. A customized resolution, publicly stated and made at a time when motivation is high has a better chance of success. Plus, I’ll keep it simple and small. I will be part of a supportive community with the encouragement of tweets and posts and instagrams galore. It’s doable. I am going to do it. I am. And so I commit to the following over the next 50 days:

  • Physical-30 minutes of daily exercise on average during the week
  • Spiritual-5 minutes of meditation a day
  • Cerebral-Write, read or ponder for at least 30 minutes daily

Join me. 50 days. December 2-January 20   #nerdlution

Let’s do it!


2 Comments on “It’s a nerdlution!”

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