Sweet Dreams

The perfect bedtime snack

The perfect bedtime snack

Milk? Check. Cookies? Check. Goody bags? Check. Book? Check. PJ’s? Hmmmm….perhaps I’ll pass. After all, I am driving across town to the home of my students, winners of my Kids Fair silent auction donation of bedtime stories. I think I’d best leave my own pajamas at home!

Every year at my school’s major fundraiser, teachers are asked to donate the gift of time to the silent auction. Parents bid and students win special craft sessions, picnics, pizza parties, principal for the day and in my case, a “house call” to read to the children before bed.

In choosing this year’s read aloud, I decided on a chapter book, in hopes that it would appeal to both siblings (third grade and kindergarten). I was delighted to discover that Herman Parish (nephew of Peggy Parish) had resurrected the Amelia Bedelia series by creating a new version featuring his Aunt Peggy’s classic character as a child. And lest you were worried, she is still as literal minded as ever. Helping out at the local diner, she responds as expected when an impatient customer orders a cherry pie and tells her to step on it!

My only regret in choosing Amelia Bedelia Means Business was that bedtime (it was a school night!) got in the way of my finishing it. Although my gracious hostess claimed that she would have to “step up her game when it comes to storytelling” in order to finish the book with her children, I have no doubt that she and her husband will do the story justice. Parents who value books enough to pay (albeit for a good cause) to bring their children’s school librarian into their home, are surely parents who read with passion and expression. I only hope that the children will share the ending with me!

I am not sure who had more fun this evening, the kids or me!


4 Comments on “Sweet Dreams”

  1. Mrs. Melisi says:

    Mrs. Kellner…YOU ROCK!

  2. Nancy says:

    You are the BEST, Mrs. Kellner. Always have been and hopefully always will be the BEST Librarian for a very long time to come. 🙂

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