A snapshot of my reading life

Assignment for a grad class (Integrating the Language Arts)- Create a timeline of your reading and writing life.

Assignment for a grad class (Integrating the Language Arts)- Create a timeline of your reading and writing life.

Post a photo that gives readers a glimpse into your reading life.” That is this week’s prompt from LitWorld, the organization that supports and promotes World Read Aloud Day.

Only one photo? Are you kidding me? What to choose? I was read to as an infant, taught myself to read at age five, devoured books through high school. I read tomes for college, cooking magazines as a fledgling home chef, piles and piles and piles of books to my own children when they were young. Now I read aloud to 300 students a week, have stacks of books on my nightstand, and spend more time than I should reading blog posts and tweets. One picture to sum all that up? No way!

But then I remembered an assignment from a grad class I took two years ago–Integrating the Language Arts. The professor, to encourage us to be reflective about our experiences with literacy, instructed us to create a timeline of our reading and writing life. There were no rules, no format, no expectation other than to represent our own personal history of writing and reading.

And so I created a mini-book using the handy library card pockets I no longer have need for in my library. Each page represents an aspect of my literary life. One page is devoted to a poem I wrote in fifth grade. Another to a favorite book of my children. Yet another features my first published article. This photo, featuring The Bundle Book by Ruth Krauss, represents the importance of being read to, especially from an early age. I am forever grateful to my mother for bestowing the gift of reading upon me. If anything can sum up my reading life, this is it. It is “just what I need”.


One Comment on “A snapshot of my reading life”

  1. I enjoyed this post……oh how our lives can be shaped by our childhoods!

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