Time for a Change

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I have been considering a  blog name change for some time. Before I started, I was convinced that reading, writing and thinking about the Common Core would revitalize my library program. So, Common Cor(e)relations seemed like the perfect title. But, then I started blogging and I realized I was more interested in being introspective about my practice, innovative with my lessons, invested in educational theory and finding inspiration from other bloggers and forward thinkers.

And so, no longer in its infancy, my adolescent blog-self began searching for a new identity. Much like my fourteen year old self who for a few short months (thankfully) spelled Nancy with an “i (yes, complete with a daisy dot on top), I am ready to reinvent and repurpose this blog.

Introducing–The “In” Librarian: Invested, Inspired and Introspective.


3 Comments on “Time for a Change”

  1. David Riemer says:

    Please, please put the daisy dot on top of the “i” in “in”.

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