The laughter of children

On this, the harried last day of school before winter vacation, this winter solstice day of much darkness, and sadly the one week anniversary of the unspeakable event in Newtown, Connecticut, I would like to share with you, at least virtually, the laughter of children.

Photo by Nomadic Lass, used under the Creative Commons license

In the library today, instead of a lesson or a story, the fourth-grade children asked if we could play the game “Telephone”. Given that there were only twelve students present, not only did I agree readily, but I joined in myself. We were a floppy circle of bodies, decked out in green and red and glitter. A joyful vision, but it wasn’t until the silly, mixed-up misunderstandings began that I was reminded of the power of mirth. Giggles, chuckles, tee-hees and titterings filled the room. Faces bloomed with smiles. A happy energy spread throughout the group.

Thank you, children, for reminding me what this season really is all about. May you all have the most festive of winter holidays, whatever and wherever and however you celebrate!


2 Comments on “The laughter of children”

  1. I was at Peaslee this morning waiting to give Peter something he’d forgotten. From the lobby I could see two little boys, maybe kindergarteners? “Jingle Bells” was ringing through the loudspeaker, and one of the little boys started skipping along to the music, and I thought, they are such joyful little creatures.
    I love mine so much. He’s been getting so many extra hugs his sisters are a little jealous. I said, “It’s just ‘cuz he’s seven.”

  2. Melinda Kement says:

    Usually on any given Friday morning, the 4th grade joins together to listen to two of their friends say our Peaslee morning announcements. After that we say the Pledge of Allegiance together as a group and then sing a patriotic song. This morning, given the events of the past week and the joyfulness of the student body on the last day before our holiday break, we changed gears and belted out “Jingle Bells”. It was delightful. fun-filled and heartwarming…just the way school should be.
    Peace, love, joy, safe travels in this holiday season!

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