Why another blog about libraries when the blogosphere already boasts hundreds of them and great ones at that ? Is there really room for one more?

As a veteran blog reader, I am in awe of the quality of writing in this field.

Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk blog (#12 on the list from the link above) is one of the best written and certainly the most amusing blogs about trends in educational technology I have ever read. How can you not love his tagline—“Leaving readers confused at a higher level since 2005”?

Not to mention the outstanding kiddie lit blog, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast  or the truly amazing work of Madame Esme on her Planet Esme blog?

These writers have been blogging for years and certainly have CV’s longer and more impressive than mine. Who am I to join this community and why now?

Let’s be honest—many people blog to hear themselves talk. And yes, that is part of my motivation. There is a little bit of “selfish” in every blog.

But that alone wasn’t enough to get me to finally put pen to paper, or should I say fingers to keyboard. The impetus behind this blog was my desire to share the ever-increasingly important role of the school library (starting with my own library, of course, but sharing ideas from others as well) in the implementation of the Common Core , in the focus on turning out 21st century learners and in the education of the whole child.

The school library has become a Learning Commons. To quote Valerie Diggs, high school librarian at the Chelmsford High School in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, a Learning Commons “is more than ever a place where students and staff are the center of all happenings.  Activities, learning experiences, literacies, teachable moments, information sources, and technology explorations occur every day, all day.” (Massachusetts School Library Forum Winter 2009).

This blog will be less of a review of the literature (although there will be some of that, as I do want to share some of the best that’s out there) and more of a personal reflection based on my 14 years as an elementary school librarian.

Finally, this is a library blog for non-librarians as well as librarians. We don’t need another blog just preaching to the choir. Oh, I will preach! And I will sing (off-key, no less)! But I hope the whole world (or at least my little corner of it) will begin to listen.


5 Comments on “Why?”

  1. liz says:

    Happy blogging! As a children’s book author, I am sure I will learn from you.

  2. Charles Gobron says:

    Excellent work, Nancy!! I am really interested in your views!!

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